There is no possibility of the collapse of civilization, there are 5 good countries to live in here

There is no possibility of the collapse of civilization, there are 5 good countries to live in here

Examining the key factors that could lead to the collapse of civilization as we know it today, a team of researchers pursued New Zealand, which is the region where the other four countries exist, or is more resistant to such changes.
The interesting study was conducted by researchers at Anglia Ruskin University Sustainability.[1]

The collapse of civilization is not very likely

As the researchers explain, a very rare combination of environmental destruction, global resource depletion, and population growth may lead to the so-called “de-complication”, which is a stage in the decline and decline of the complexity of our civilization.
In all of these, climate change will act as a “risk reduction factor”.

This may take up to a year

This is not going to change a thing that can take centuries or decades: in the opinion of researchers, the collapse of civilization can happen without warning, even within a year. The breakdown will occur very quickly as a result of the “feedback loops” of the three components mentioned above, which will “accelerate” each other.
According to researchers, this is possible because of the great hyperconnectivity that characterizes today’s society and the globalized economy.

The five most “resistant” countries

According to the study, it would be cheaper for five countries to survive such a global catastrophe. Countries include New Zealand, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland. The researchers examined the level of self-sufficiency (especially in relation to energy and productive infrastructure), the amount of arable land, the total population, and the geographical isolation. The second ensures a certain degree of resistance from migration and the mass displacement of human groups in general.

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Geographical isolation is important

According to the study, the above five countries are the countries with the highest levels of social, technological and organizational complexity at the time of the collapse of a civilization.
In fact, all of these countries are geographically isolated because they are islands (or continents like Australia).

Temperature and rainfall are not very variable

The same countries, in the opinion of researchers, can estimate the difference in temperature as well as the difference in low rainfall. This would be an advantage, especially with regard to current climate change.
“Significant changes are possible in the coming years and decades. The severity of these changes will be determined by the impact of climate change, including increased frequency and intensity of droughts and floods, high temperatures and large population displacements,” explains Alad Jones, director of the Global Sustainability Institute.

Notes and insights

  1. The Cambridge Network is the best New Zealand to survive the crash (He)

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