There is also a list of illegal parking employees

There is also a list of illegal parking employees

Data stolen from the municipality during the June 2 hacker attack also includes a list of unauthorized parking attendants, which was published today by a group called the Vice Society, which sent Palazzo del Aquile’s computer system to the tailspin.

In a folder containing the latest files released by the hackers, data from Operations Management and the Judicial Police Office, a list of free legal aid lawyers, a list of Daspo actions, judicial notices and police station notifications. .

In the days that followed, they first put it on the dark web and then made available to all municipal police data using the commanders’ mail, telephone numbers of several municipal employees, and other sensitive data. There are still reports of taxes and fees being collected, salary processing, and credits to the municipality’s treasury service for fines paid by citizens with names and surnames, payment injections, evaluation forms, and personal lists with multiple numbers. Not only telephone, but also personal letters.

Seventeen days after the hacker attack, the municipality’s website still does not allow you to book online services, while Ztl cameras are still being “tested” due to the impossibility of closing and registering day passes. The Palermo Postal Police are investigating the computer theft. The municipality has not issued a statement on the matter, while experts say there is a “need to shed light on what happened, how this information was stolen, and above all, the information that was actually stolen.” . Therefore, in the opinion of Pierre Luigi Paganini, an expert in cyber security and intelligence, “it is necessary to immediately notify people whose data has been stolen and to support them in preventing them from becoming victims of cyber-attacks.”

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