There is a world to focus on, London is a conquered country

There is a world to focus on, London is a conquered country

Technical tests of the world championships. Cus Bologna will be in Cincinnati, Ohio from July 23rd to 30th to participate in the Ultimate Frisbee Club World Championship. It is also the first time a European team has come to America with three teams. This is a record for Alma Mater Studiorum to prepare for this appointment, in London at the invitation of Clapham’s friends and traditional rivals, in a preparatory tournament for the World Championship event.

Two-time Champions League-winning cuss girls, Shout (pictured) are the best. Shouting starts from the right foot; Three wins on day one. After a win against Irish Gravity, 10-8, 12-10 against the Brits from Bristol and 10-8 with Spice. No story in the semifinals. On the other side of the field are the Vienna boxes, and the final 14-5 speaks volumes for the dominance of the University of Bologna girls.

French Yaka in the final: The Transalpines beat the red and white in the last Champions League and have a score to settle. A very windy and well-balanced race: then the shouts go out, 10-5. Linnea Siebert was the Finals MVP.

And in the men’s field? La Fota started with a loss. It’s almost a fight against Irish Ranelagh. Knockout matures at universe point, 11-12. But the University of Bologna never gives up and recovers against German Bad Scheid (12-11) and British Chevron (14-9).

The final is against English champions Clapham. Normal Match: Case’s English Masters starts off well with a break of two breaks. Alma Mater fails to recover, but closes with a solid second place finish that bodes well for the future.

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Finals MVP? Orion Cable. Now the Ohio World Cup is approaching. In addition to the two elite alma mater teams, there will be a mixed Redshot for the first time. Performance of a growing group over time.

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