There is a saying, “The door to the window is big, the family is ruined, the property is ruined”: Why?

There is a saying, "The door to the window is big, the family is ruined, the property is ruined": Why?

The ancients gathered thousands of years of experience through words. It is a language that is usually collected and passed on by the majority, and most of it is created by working people to reflect on their life experiences and express their thoughts and aspirations.

For a long time, homework and living were a concern of the ancients. There are many proverbs about abandoned houses, such as “Against the big door and window, the family perishes, the property perishes”. So what does the ancients mean by this word?

A home is a lifelong endeavor of many. Therefore, everyone often considers a lot of issues to prepare for their home. One of them is about feng shui.

The ancients believed that feng shui in the house would affect the health and even the luck of the owner. Feng Shui has existed for thousands of years, a knowledge abandoned by the ancients.

According to the scientific explanation, The Earth and the human body have a magnetic field that, if matched, would be beneficial to life, otherwise it would be harmful.

There is actually a scientific reason why “the door is too big for the window, the family is ruined, the property is ruined”.

In particular, the large door is the door and the small door is the window. People often prefer to build a house facing south, the door opens to the south, and if the main door faces the window, it is considered a symbol of wealth leakage.

In feng shui, The fortune of the whole house, the door to the place where “wealth” is welcomed. In addition, the atmosphere is likened to wealth. Allowing ventilation into ordinary homes, storing after a circle, and then going out the window, is considered a way to save money and resources.

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However, if the house does not have windows or the windows are too small for ventilation, such a house will not be considered prosperous. If the window is too large, excessive ventilation from the direction of the window is also not good.

There is a saying,

Do not have too many windows and too large windows. Source: Sohu

In fact, the window facing door is actually a bad model. Scientifically speaking, doors are usually built on the south side and windows on the north side. In winter there will be more northerly winds and cold winds blowing through the windows.

There is a saying,

Do not place the main door opposite the window. Source: Sohu

Therefore, even if it is tightly closed, the north wind can still easily blow into the window, and cold air will still pass through the gap. It is not healthy and cannot keep the family warm. Moreover, in feudal society, without heating appliances, the cold winter winds would directly destroy the health of the people in the house.

In hot summers, strong winds bring comfort and coolness to people. But facing the door and window, drafts are easier to form, and people who have been exposed to the wind for a long time are more likely to have lung diseases or diseases such as gout and rheumatism.

Many years have passed, but it seems that the word still has some value.

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