There are gameplay changes, and they are good!

There are gameplay changes, and they are good!

Madden 21 is now officially available in next-gen formats!

EA got a lot of attention for this year’s version of the game. In our original review, we were satisfied with some progress, but realized that it was buggy and that the franchise mode was ignored.

What does Madden 21 look like on next-generation consoles?

Where credit is due. We are impressed.

Slick: Next-gen graphics takes it to the next level

You will be loaded into the same game time situation where Lamar Jackson is trying to make a comeback against Patrick Mahomes in the AFC Championship game.

In the beginning, you think to yourself “Have I reloaded the old Madden?”. This is just the beginning of the ‘Next-Gen Stats’ visuals, you are about to enter action Much Different.

Graphics & Display

The first thing you notice is the step in the visuals.

This is to be expected from next-generation consoles, but it should not be taken lightly. The colors are sharp, which is the next stage of growing realism.

But it’s not just the graphics, it’s its overall look and feel.

EA has done a great job of changing the play selection screens and adding stats to the screen to make it look like a new game.

You can now choose plays based on superstar players, these new menus will use less, but it will definitely feel refreshed.

All change: it will take advantage of

Some buttons for Audibles and Play Clock Management have been changed, which will keep some people on guard, but not something you can use.

Gameplay and experience

Next up is the smoothness you notice.

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We were skeptical about how much the actual gameplay changes of this update would do justice to EA – we were wrong.

The routes and animations are very smooth. Rather than robotic-style movements, players shine in their runs.

When all the problems are experienced the hepatic feedback on the PS5 takes it to another level.

If you want a complete experience, we highly recommend using a gaming headset that seems to be optimized to give the impression that even the audio is in the stadium.

Screen speed

The last important change to note is the loading speed. This was a major breakthrough in the marketing of new consoles.

This is not an instant jump that some people expected or sold, but it’s very fast.

We talk about 1-2 minutes to get into a game rather than the previous 4-5 minutes.

It’s technically an update and it’s free. That is why we are happy with it.

Many fans will still be unhappy with what is missing from the development plan, but EA can only work on so many things at once.

Madden 21 may become one of the worst games in recent history with a series of new updates to keep server integrity and remove bugs.

We need to see how good the next-gen Madden 21 fair is – but within hours we saw no problems.

The franchise will certainly not see any developments of interest to the players, but this was never promised. They will focus on January improvement plans and Madden 22.

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It is important to remember that Madden 21 does not have cross-play functionality in the next-gen downloads as a second game.

A: Genuine: We can not forget that we just get it

If you are in a franchise league or playing a friend in the current gen version, you need to make sure you are of the same generation.

Cross-platform is not an option, but it is one that may come in future versions of the game.

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