There are 10 times more galaxies in the universe than I thought

There are 10 times more galaxies in the universe than I thought
NASA announced on Thursday that there are no more than 200 billion galaxies in the universe, two billion galaxies as previously thought.

Man is able to explore the galaxies in the universe CNN.

The brightest galaxy in the universe disappears before our eyes

The discovery was made possible by the Hubble Space Telescope. Astronomers have been trying for decades to find out how many galaxies there are in our universe. By the mid-1990s, they had reached $ 200 billion, thanks to the Hubble Telescope.

But recently, a team led by Christopher Gonzalez of the University of Nottingham in the UK decided to look at something else.

NASA makes another discovery: a galaxy never seen before (video)

So long ago it was concluded that many galaxies came together. In particular, the smaller ones were “swallowed” by the larger galaxies. When this happens, the galaxies shrink.

The research team analyzed both old and new images produced by Hubble. He then used new mathematical methods to estimate the number of galaxies – currently in space using our telescopes.

Record number of black holes found in neighboring galaxy Andromeda

The end? 90% of galaxies cannot be seen by even the most powerful telescopes because they are too small or too far away.

“It’s amazing that 90% of the galaxies in the universe have not yet been studied,” Cornelis said.

The color of the Milky Way was determined by astronomers

That is, scientists are working on more and better telescopes. This is the web space telescope, which should be ready by the end of this year.

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