Theory Ardison France 3 will raise the dead

Theory Ardison France 3 will raise the dead

RRaise the dead, you have to think about it, Ardison did it. Never run out of ideas, just go back to the small screen with the host Time Hotel, An extraordinary program as bold as: Interviewing the greats who have gone face to face to talk about their lives, their careers, their opinions and their personal commitments … In Parisian, Theory Ardison describes the project, using real words made by the deceased and special effects, such as the “Face Retriever” technique, to create “imaginary interviews” that are more powerful than the Deepfake used. This is the cantaloupe, In TF1. In short, the physicality of the personality includes the voice given by the actor and the imitator.

The poster for the meetings looks promising with Jean Gabin, who died in 1976, returning from Limbo for the first show as the chief guest. We will see Mithrand and Lady Diana there, planning duplexes with Luis de Funes, Michelle Morgan and Michael Odiard. Other shows will be reserved for Johnny, Romy Schneider or Yves Montant … These important post-mortem meetings will take place in the modified arrangement of the historic Parisian Palace Hotel Muirറs, in the role of gift, with Canal +’s columnist Sebastian Thorne and Butler’s comedian Thomas. The first issue was boxed in March and should be aired as a France 3 bonus at the beginning of the next school year.

DossierWorship interviews with a black man

A resurgence at ,000 600,000

This is a desirable and expensive project. Parisian It marks two years of preparation and a budget approaching 600,000 euros to shoot it in collaboration with French studio McGuff for special effects. The idea has been ingrained in Theory Ardison’s head for a long time, and after he left C8 in 2019, he actually got into it and suggested it to Netflix and Amazon, before convincing the French television group that it had failed, and deviated from the originality.

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72-year-old Thierry Ardison should feel like a fish in the water during this exercise. It has all the elements he likes: showbiz, heritage, entertainment culture, and the pleasure of popularizing in a doctrinal way. There is no host to show the guest that he is as smart as he is, he reminded me in an interview last year Point. After all, he is a smuggler. In a provocative and outrageous cover, “I have always had this cultural aspiration.” By joining France 3, he also finds public service, where he especially made his mark Black glasses for sleepless nights And Everyone is talking about it. A “second home” that dreamed of returning.

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