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Theatrical secret wants to reveal family secret | Frankfurt

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Marcus Hladek’s best-selling novel “Der Ratzlog” is a road movie.

Frankfurt-Marcus Nicolക്s is associated with Frankfurt playwright and cultural journalist Marcus Hladeck, author of “Der Ratzlag. He travels home, mourns the loss of his family, and, inspired by a miserable man, sets out to find a solution to a family secret. Why, more precisely: Did Father once leave the seminary in Rome? Nicole was not the mother.

Following in the footsteps of Rotterdam and Barcelona to Rome, the captain is not a shining hero. There he travels around the city with a fever: a noble priest who had already been considered a priestly candidate, and whose flesh was once weak, must be preserved for the good of the mother church.

Feeling the dramatic climax of this play at the height of St. Peter’s Basilica, it can reveal so much. This path leads Nichols to his uncle’s monastery, where he meets a monk who was a quantum physicist. Where he is experiencing the election of a new pope, previously no one knew, in whose bed he now sleeps. The book ends with a conversation with a turtle on a South Sea island.

58 years later, Hladek’s “advice” is, to a certain extent, megalomaniacal in the attitude and aspirations of a novel debutant. It is designed to be a huge success. But in the end, the project itself turns out to be really crazy, but so is how it succeeds.

Hladek is known as a brilliant and intelligent journalist in the cultural field of the Rhine-Main region, so “Ratshlag” is not his first work. However, author Hladek clearly puts it all in this book. He has been working on it for a long time. Create magnets and maintain your own high standards. Others fail because they want so much. Because of the pressure, Hladek succeeds in plotting.

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He not only creates a book, publication, and entertainment, but also produces a piece of original literature after a long pregnancy. In love with languages, skillful and high-quality, yet easy to read, without being edible through vain sentence twisting. At an intellectually high level without boring or abandoning readers who have not found all the clues or understood every word.

So the reader follows this Marcus Nichols in his intellectual road movie, which includes great ideas and weird twists and turns, with some relief and an increasing amount of ination, all over Europe and half the world. Journey through the parts of the spiritual and the church – Nichols Family History.

Advice. A mystification

Marcus Hladeck, Rohland-Verlag, 480 pages, 23.80 euros

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