The youngest patient is 22 years old and we use a lot of oxygen

The youngest patient is 22 years old and we use a lot of oxygen

The director of the clinical-hospital center in Svesdara, Dr. Peter Svorkan says that this morning, there were 402 patients in that institution, 52 of whom were in the intensive care unit. Of those numbers, 26 were intubated.

Families born in 1975 include mother, son and daughter-in-law. The situation is very difficult and we get more and more patients as we discharge. We entered the Kovid system on September 19, and so far more than a thousand patients have passed through our hospital – Swarkan points out.

In his opinion, it is predominant in patients with moderate to severe clinical picture, most of whom initially require oxygen.

– Our consumption in the last 24 hours is more than 6.5 tons of oxygen, which is a huge amount. We are approaching the record of seven tonnes of oxygen consumption in December – says the director of KBC “Svesdara”.

He added that the youngest patient was 22 years old and the oldest was 92 years old.

Photo: Milan Ilik / RAS Serbia

– The clinical picture is very severe and progresses rapidly. Within two or three days, patients are already in intensive care, with poor results. Non-vaccinated patients predominate, with one in four being vaccinated, while in intensive care only one in five are vaccinated. Patients who are vaccinated pass easily, and survival is good – Svorkan points out.

He says it’s vaccination The only way to reduce stress in the health system more or less.

– My message is that all health workers should be vaccinated, and I believe this is everyone’s moral obligation. At our hospital, 89 percent of the staff have been vaccinated – says the director of the clinical hospital center in Sverdlovskaya, Peter Svorkan.

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