The young mind who has been studying at Oxford for 5 years to commit corruption and take money from his mother

Turkish Merv Boskurt told her mother when she was 20 years old Moved to medicine at the famous Oxford University (England). And so it began The setback, which lasted five years.

Merv Gulseran was asked to help pay for his expenses abroad. A mother who worked as a florist in a cemetery in the interior of Turkey made every effort to deposit money in her daughter’s account.. She felt happy and proud every time Merv sent her pictures in a white coat. She commented that she wants to be A. Neurosurgery.

Merv Boskurt pretends to be studying medicine at Oxford Photo: Reproduction

However, Mervyn does not even have a passport. Does it end there? He never left Turkey. She always stayed Istanbul working as a real estate broker.

Only when the corrupt man was found A local TV station decided to report on her working mother and the incredible sacrifices she made for the family..

Flowers are sold at Gulseren Cemetery
Flowers for sale at Gulseren Cemetery Photo: Reproduction

His great dedication to his children soon went viral Many donations, including scholarship offers To “bear all the expenses of the young woman” after completing her fifth year.

However, the report found that Merv Boskurt was not registered in Oxford. Under pressure, Turk confessed to the fraud, the “Sun” said.

“I’m so upset because I bothered my mother. I made up a story. I persuaded everyone, including myself, to believe in that story. However, I was always working in an office at a real estate agency in Istanbul.”, 25-year-old Turkish woman apologizes.

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