The young man drives a luxury car to the cemetery.

The young man drives a luxury car to the cemetery.

A man drives a Tesla luxury car to the cemetery, the system finds pedestrians, and there is a rush to him from the gooseberry that turns into laughter and laughter.

Talks about luxury cars like the Tesla, which is known for its cutting-edge technology in the future. Who would have thought that supernatural beings would be as talented as they could be? Recently a young man shared a video on social media. Until it goes viral and many people are surprised and laughing at the same time.

According to the report ofUnilad website On September 1, 2021, TikTok user @ sina.ata shared a clip of a Tesla running inside an empty cemetery. Seen with the naked eye, there is nothing but a graveyard on either side of the road. But the car’s intelligent detection system shows that someone is walking in the way.
Tesla saw a ghost

The young man filmed several video clips together in the middle and at night. At night it can be even more terrifying when driving on normal roads, nothing. But when he got to the cemetery, he saw people walking around. Also, he ran to his car. Causing him to cry out loud

There is another video clip taken by him during the day in the cemetery area. The car’s detection system screen reveals that people are walking around. Even more shocking is the fact that there are people who ride motorcycles, even though there is actually nothing there. The cemetery stood alone, no movement.

Tesla saw a ghost

After sharing the clip, it had over 4 million views and many comments. Both comments, “Oh, your Tesla brother sees ghosts. It’s so scary,” another part burst out laughing. At the same time, many are trying to figure out why the car’s detection system looks like such a person.

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Some have suggested that the system may have interpreted the tomb as a person. Added a comment, “It always does this when it comes to trash and other human-sized objects.”

However, there is an opinion If so why did he pass through the cemetery area it did not even see a grave someone had appeared in the car detection system.

Some are trying to explain maybe the information on the map that explains that there was a cemetery at that time. The intelligent arrangement of the car therefore shows that there are people in this area.

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