The young man accidentally falls asleep in a coma after 10 months and is unaware of Kovid-19

The young man accidentally falls asleep in a coma after 10 months and is unaware of Kovid-19

Joseph Flavil, 19, woke up on March 1, 2020, after being in a coma for 11 months following a brain injury, three weeks before the UK national embargo was declared to contain the Kovid-19 pandemic.

A young university student was walking the streets of Staffordshire (England). Joy, who was immediately hospitalized with brain damage, has no recollection of what happened, nor does he know that the new one has shrunk. Coronavirus Twice – once during a coma, once after waking up.

Sally Flavil Smith, the boy’s aunt who knows her rehab, said she still does not know how to tell about the epidemic.

“I do not know where to start. A year ago, if someone had told me what was going to happen last year, I do not think they would have believed it. I do not know what Joseph was going to understand. We all went through,” he told The Guardian.

Joe recently woke up after being admitted to Leicester General Hospital, yet he has not taken matters into his own hands. According to Smith, the boy spent days opening his eyes, but not talking to anyone.

Joe was transferred to Aderley Green Call Center for recovery. He started physiotherapy last week, but had to stop because he had rebuilt Kovid-19, which had already overcome the infection.

Despite being lazy, Joy was able to see the rest of the family through a video call. “When he wakes up in the room, we get no clue why he’s there. We talked about it over the phone and tried to tell him to hold his hand and stand there, but we could not do it (because of the pandemic),” Smith said.

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“But we’re trying to keep it as simple as possible, we’re not really having time to get into the big pandemic – it’s not real, can it?

This young man was already able to comply with certain cognitive tests, such as touching body parts when asked or answering two-dimensional questions with his eyes. “We still have a long way to go, but the steps he has taken over the last three weeks have been absolutely incredible,” she said.

The man, who was hospitalized in December, turned 19 and, as a gift, received a visit from his mother, even in a coma. “She was very upset because she was not sure Joseph could even see who she was. She had been waiting for months to see him,” said Smith, who visited Sharon’s son.

Prior to the accident, Joe played hockey and applied for the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award for his performance. His family was able to raise ,000 32,000 (equivalent to Rs 234,000) for long-term treatment.

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