The “you know” of the day. Do you know why Apple came to Luneville District Court?

The "you know" of the day.  Do you know why Apple came to Luneville District Court?

“I was with friends and suddenly I felt an intense burn on my thigh and I did not immediately understand what was happening,” the young man told our journalist. “The device was hot and could not be held. It no longer worked, but showed no visible signs of overheating. For fear of exploding, it was put in a box to cool. »

A large blister forms on the young man’s thigh, which requires a lot of care for several weeks.

What happens next is funny.

“Apple is not responsible”

The young man’s father contacts the store that sold the device, which sends it back to him Manufacturer, Apple, So, who gives his contact number. “When I explained the incident to one of my many interlocutors, I was transferred to a supervisor, but the transfer failed each time! »

Ends up making contact with a correspondent in Portugal who asks for a phone to be sent to Ireland.

More than 15 days after sending the phone, the father realizes that “Apple is not held accountable.”

After tough negotiations, Lewis gets a new telephone and, with the help of two lawyers, attacks the American multinational. Julien Jacquemin and Pascal Poncet, who claimed €7,500 in damages.

To this end, the three sued Apple in civil proceedings at the Luneville District Court. The multinational’s lawyers had a report to file.

Eventually an amicable settlement was found.

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