The year-end historic and worrying temperature in Alaska is about 20 C

The year-end historic and worrying temperature in Alaska is about 20 C

Alaska, Kodiak Island, south of the American peninsula, recorded 19.4 C. The heat of December is historic.

For example, if for the first time since 1925, France experiences a record-breaking winter temperature of 16.9 degrees Celsius in Perpignan, there are other areas in the world where the thermometer overheats this winter.

With temperatures hovering around 20 degrees on Kodiak Island in Alaska on December 26, repeated heat records in this coldest region of the world are even more alarming.

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The lowest temperature ever recorded was 16.9 degrees: Perpignan experienced its hottest night since December 1925.

This new record, now trivialized, is in any case part of the alarming peaks observed across the American Far North. At 16.6 ° C in Cold Bay and 13.3 ° C above 10 ° C for eight days, including Christmas Eve in Unalaska, it was the hottest day on record.

Alaska heats up twice as fast as the global average. From 1901 to 2016, the average temperature in the United States rose by one degree Celsius, while in Alaska it rose by 2.6 degrees.

You should know that December is generally a dry and cold month in Alaska. The Huffington Post explains that the weather is marked by icy winds.

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