The Year CEO says finding the customer care center in Sligo is wrong

The Year CEO says finding the customer care center in Sligo is wrong

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Air chief executive Oriyachas told the committee that the company had made a mistake in finding their customer care center in Sligo.

Carolyn Lennon told the Oriyachas Committee for Transport and Communication Networks that it took “more time” to train employees in Kandy because they had no experience working in a call center.

“There is no history of contact centers in Sligo before we get there, which means that when we hire local staff, the people who travel from the area, the local staff, many of them come from retail or hospitality.

“It was a challenge and it took us a long time to train them,” she added.

Lennon made similar comments about the location of the call center on Sligo On RTÉ’s prime time last night.

Minister of State Frank Figon, who represents Sligo-Lytrim, said he had received phone calls today from angry officials in Ireland and the business community in Sligo, concerned about the consequences of such comments on future investment from call center companies. Area.

“After speaking with local partners at the stadium in Sligo, I am writing to the CEO today. I do not believe the comments made about Sligo are correct,” Figan said in a statement.

He added that other call centers operating from Sligo or Lytrim did not explain the same problems as ER.

Echoing Fiana’s comments, Fianna F സ്il Sligo TD Marc McCarthy, the Air Management Team, said:

“I think the management team should apologize to their employees at Sligo,” he said.

The committee heard from Airbus today of “fluffy window dressing,” which blamed officials rather than acknowledging their own failures at the national level, McShary said.

When questioned about what he said was wrong to find in Sligo, Lennon told the committee he did not intend to hurt people living in the country.

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Lennon apologized for Irene’s poor customer service since the launch of Pandemic, acknowledging that users had experienced “unacceptable wait times”.

They blamed remote work, lack of staff numbers and IT issues that hampered IR’s customer service operations.

Lennon told the committee that the company’s challenge was to provide quality care services to customers at a time when retail stores were closed, and that they had transferred hundreds of care agents to remote jobs, effectively freezing new staff and training because of Covid. -19 restrictions, call volume increased by 30% over the same period last year.

“The result is more than the acceptable waiting time for our customers, and I unconditionally apologize for that,” she said.

Low salary

Fianna Fil TD Timmy Dooley said he was shocked that 80 people quit their jobs between March and July, when 80 people lost their jobs amid epidemics and many others lost their jobs.

Dooley said it was strange to him, but when Lennon told the committee that the call staff would be paid a salary of $ 21,000 to $ 23,000 a year and an additional bonus, Dooley said, “No wonder it’s a salary. Low ”.

“If you turn what you offer to a very low level, you are going to get incompetent and less committed people to your company,” Dooley said.

“I respectfully argue that if you are serious about what you are talking about and doing jobs that pay you a permanent pension, you will have to pay more.”

Lennon replied, “We have to agree to disagree. I do not believe that is the problem.”

After the first lockdown restrictions were lifted, the company resumed hiring.

“We hired 120 people. We have not finished yet, we are continuing to work, ”she said.

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‘Leave in the Cold’

Corereg Commissioner Robert Mauric told Prime Time last night that Irene’s problems were “very deep and problematic” and therefore “left customers in the cold”.

Tennyson Leo Varadkar and Communications Minister Emon Ryan met with delegates from Ere and Vodafone Ireland last week to express frustration over poor customer service.

The committee heard that two-thirds of the 5,354 complaints to Com Regi from July to September were related to ER. ComReg the Statutory Body responsible for the regulation of the electronic communication sector.

Lennon told the committee that he was surprised to hear Maurice’s remarks and disagreed with the telecom watchdog.

“I do not believe Air has kept customers out of the cold,” she said.

But she said she was not surprised by the high level of complaints.

“If a repairman goes wrong or a member here wants to access broadband for a component, they will not contact Sky or Vodafone. They connect with Irene’s head. We do all the repairs and all the installations, so we are likely to get more complaints, ”Lennon said.

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“It simply came to our notice then. I am not saying summer service is acceptable or acceptable wherever we are right now, no. ”

Lennon told the committee that Air had lost up to 80 staff during the pandemic, that the number of previous calls handled by other staff had decreased and that the number of calls had increased.

Customers who called the company at the initial stage of Pandemic had an average wait of 30 minutes, but today it was less than 10 minutes.

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But on Wednesday, committee chairman Kieran O’Donnell said he was contacted by customer service and waited 29 minutes to contact a staff member.

FineGail TD made the “exception” to Lennon’s justification that Eer was a big company, so it had more problems.

“It’s unacceptable, it’s not scrutinized,” he said. “This is a lame excuse.”

Lennon said in his initial statement that by the summer of 2019, IR had completed the operation of its rural fiber broadband program, bringing a total of 340,000 rural homes and businesses to life.

She said she knew TDs and senators were getting representation from home components near ER’s rural fiber network who wanted to connect but could not connect them as IR had already handed over the baton to national broadband Ireland.

She said the company had connected 150,000 new customers to fiber broadband and had corrected 200,000 faults since April this year.

In a statement issued after the committee meeting, Darren O’Rourke, Sinn Fന്റെin’s communications spokesman, said: “It’s unfair to blame Kovid for their own mistakes.

“Irene has a tremendous reputation for the service it provides, which predicts the Pandemic well this year.

“The CEO apologized to the committee today, but there is no point in apologizing at Leinster House. They need to apologize to customers who have been rejected.”

“I am not confident that Eir will address the issues raised in the committee today,” O’Rourke said.

With reporting by Christina Finn, Arla Ryan and the Press Association

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