The world’s first !! Tweet on Twitter using only your thoughts on paralysis.

The world's first !!  Tweet on Twitter using only your thoughts on paralysis.

Patients with paralysis are unable to move their fingers. But you can type messages on Twitter using only your thoughts.

It allows paralyzed patients to type text messages using commands directly from the brain following previous news of the discovery. Uses only thoughts from his brain !!

Philips O’Keefe is the world’s first ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) patient to tweet on Twitter using a special device from the US company Synchron, an Australian man. Instead, he was able to type on Twitter without even touching the keyboard with his fingers. But you can now order text messages using only your thoughts.

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ALS disease, also known as muscle weakness, is caused by nerve damage that leads to commands in the body and as a result the patient loses control of the muscles and is now unable to heal as the limbs cannot move. Patients with myasthenia gravis are paralyzed. Some people have affected muscles around the lips and are unable to communicate. Stephen Hawking (Stephen Hawking) is a famous physicist and historian with ALS.

For this reason, New York-based Synchron invented a special device called the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) that can connect a patient’s mind and turn it into a command. The experiment began with a basic routine. That is, type a message using only thoughts.

The world's first !!  Tweet on Twitter using only your thoughts on paralysis.Image source Nature

Philip joined a synchron experiment as a volunteer, where researchers attached an EEG receiver called a stentrod to his brain. This device receives an electric current from the brain as Philip thinks and tries to command his thoughts. Those currents are converted into digital signals and transmitted to computers. To customize the operation of the computer

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In April 2020, Philip Stentroad was attached, and recently tweeted until he could type into the Twitter account of Synchron CEO Thomas Oxley: “Hello, world! Short tweet. Memorial progress.” Throughout this process, Philip used only his own thoughts.

The Synchron experiment was initially successful. In the future, it will be developed to increase the likelihood of a BCI device being used to process the thoughts of patients with extensive paralysis. Help them to live comfortably and happily in their daily lives. Or it may develop into the use of a mechanical arm that works through thoughts. Even playing the game with the concept of commands. It corresponds to the coming era of the world of metavers.

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