The world’s first PC with “magnetic air cooling system” is born – Gigasine

The world's first PC with "magnetic air cooling system" is born - Gigasine

One problem with building a high performance PC is how it cools down. Air cooling systems with multiple large fans are serious, but if the CPU and graphics board are not cooled enough, the performance of the PC will be significantly reduced and it will malfunction in the worst case. YouTube channel for building various devices such as PCs and audio equipmentDIY BenefitsMr. Matt created a DIY cooling system that pumped large amounts of air into a PC using a magnetic pump and released a video of it.

Builds the world’s first ‘breathing’ PC – YouTube

“This is my own”The bell rangThis is a system, ”says Matt.

Inside the transparent box, the acrylic plate moves from side to side. At a glance, it is not clear what the device is for, as there is no cooling fan that is often found in PC cooling systems.

Initially, Matt was thinking of a device that would move the central plate with a motor. However, this did not solve the noise problem.

So said Matt with the magnet embedded in the tube.Linear motorI came up with a method that applies the principle of.

This method was certainly quiet, but faced the problem of weak momentum and slow motion.

Through such experiments and errors, he added water to a tube to move a magnet and to move the bells with that magnetic force.

When actually building a cooling system, firstMedium Density Fiberboard (MDF)Make a box out of a glass plate …

Next, the two acrylic plates are glued together to form a plate for the bells.

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The magnets are arranged in a ring shape on the bellows plate, which attaches to the magnet in the tube using a magnetic force to connect the plate and the tube.

The magnet inside the tube is controlled by a pump that pumps water into the tube.

In this way, Mr. Matt’s “Bellows System” was completed.

The point of this cooling system is calm. Thanks to the magnets attached to both ends, the acrylic plate becomes smooth and smooth.

Once the cooling system is complete, the next step is to install the PC in the same manner as the cooling systemSurroundBuild …

For the CPUAMD Ryzen 9 5950XAccepted.Graphic BoardGeForce RTX 3080I selected and built the machine.

In this way, the world’s first “magnetically powered PC” was completed.

Mr. Matt seems to like, “Because it looks clear inside, it doesn’t feel heavy even when left in the room.”

I will remove it.

If you place a piece of paper on the exhaust port on top of the main unit, it will be lifted slightly upwards by the air pressure so you can see the air is discharging properly.

When I connect it to a monitor and measure the temperature, the CPU is a maximum of 60 degrees …

The GPU also rose to 62 degrees.

Satisfied with this result, Matt said he aims to make further improvements by modifying the air valves for the intake air on the left and right side of the machine.

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