The world of tanks is gaining holiday content … Chuck Norris?

The world of tanks is gaining holiday content ... Chuck Norris?

Wargaming also revealed their vacation The world of tanks Chuck Norris with everyone’s favorite Christmas addition? From 9 to 11 December at the game, Norris will join the game’s annual Holiday Options event, which will bring some exciting additions to the game, but only for a limited time. This is the first time Norris has done VO and this kind of ambassadorship in a video game, so this is an added feature. You can read more about what’s in store for you. A global talent agency MN2S partnered Chuck Norris with World of Tanks, That’s a Great news!

Chuck has prepared his own challenge for each tanker: it will test their determination and excellence. Each day, a new mission of 32 will be available. While everything is valuable, some rewards have the added feature that players do not want to lose them, including a special vehicle slot for the Holiday Option which allows players to choose their vehicle bonuses from Command Commander Chuck himself!

Like last year, Holiday Options is all about getting a collection of jewelry while decorating a special festive garage. In this snow-covered town, you can see everything from pianists to a large Christmas tree presented to residents. By decorating the city, players will enhance their festive atmosphere and current yield. Tankers will be given various ornaments and decorations to create their own fireworks displays (using enemy vehicles) and to complete special missions. Players can decorate the contents of their hearts as they complete hundreds of ornaments and 4 collections to collect.

Also, Snow Maiden re-entered The world of tanks Also gives special gifts every day. Each of the four Snow Maidens is responsible for a specific collection: Christmas, New Year, Lunar New Year or Magic New Year. By choosing rewards from the same collection each day, you will fill a particular meter and exclude low-level jewelry from your everyday gifts.

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