The workplace at Tesla was called a “slave ship”.

The workplace at Tesla was called a "slave ship".

According to information, three former employees of the famous company Tesla, responsible for storing energy and working as an electric car assembler, reported cases of racism and moral harassment to the media at the factory in Fremont, California (USA).

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In testimony to the Los Angeles Times, Monica Chatman, Kimberly Romby, and Nigel Jones described the factory as an aggressive workplace, especially for blacks, and some called it a “plantation” or “slave ship.” .

Monica said she went three months straight without taking a single day off and worked alone in a department that required at least four people to relieve fatigue. And, as if that wasn’t enough, there were constant verbal attacks. The former associate also reported that the most demanding jobs were consistently directed to African-American workers.

Nearly 4,000 former African-American employees have already filed racial discrimination lawsuits against the company with the California Department of Employment and Eligibility, the most high-profile in history. However, in response to all the lawsuits, the Tesla CEO recently argued that “employees who are victims of racism should be tough.”

However, the company denied the allegations by the three former employees, arguing that none of them had been investigated by the company and that the punishment was for misbehavior at work.

“Race plays no role in Tesla’s job assignments, promotions, pay or discipline,” the company’s lawyers argued.

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