The woman who caused trouble on the plane while trying to breastfeed the “cat”? Find out the truth behind this week’s biggest viral video!

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A traveler rather than a celebrity! This week, a gringo video Went viral There is an extraordinary situation on Brazilian social networks in which a woman causes the greatest confusion within Plane When trying to breastfeed your cat. The recording turns out to be humorous, mainly because of the incredible result. It turns out that many people do not understand whether the strange situation is real or funny. We tell you: it was really a funny sketch, but trust me based on a real story.

The comedy scene was published by The Gooch Page Facebook, Brings together many other comic books – almost always parodies. Although the cat could not be seen properly at first due to the blanket protecting the “baby”, the passenger in the video was disgusted to see the breastfeeding woman in the next seat. “Obviously I’m not breastfeeding a cat on a plane.” Flight attendants defend the woman when the man asks her to do something.

Other people who were with him begin to suspect that they saw a cat with the passenger, and soon the plane crashes. “Can you show me the baby?”, The commissioner asks. “No, I’m in the middle of something! This is 2021! Really ?! That’s a big violation of my privacy right now. ”, If it irritates the wrong mother. After a lot of confusion, the passenger challenges the steward to open the blanket to examine his baby.

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To everyone’s surprise, it was actually a cat in the lady’s lap. But something still did not seem normal … “This is a bobcat! This is an animal for emotional emergencies. It’s a link, not a cat! “, Argues. When the woman wakes up, the professionals get another surprise when they realize that the animal is completely immobile. Here it is, baby, cat, Lynx, it was actually a doll — with horrible eyes, by the way. Watch the video:

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Due to convincing performances – Strange scenes like this happen all around – People are still wondering if that’s true. The Gooch video was a joke, but the turmoil experienced by the staff on a Delta Airlines flight earlier this month actually happened. According to the New York Post, during a voyage between Syracuse and Atlanta, a traveler pulled out her breasts and began to suck the cat in front of everyone.

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The publication reported that the flight attendant repeatedly told the passenger, who did not reveal his identity, to stop the cat and put the cat back in the carrier, but the young woman refused. Delta employees in Atlanta sent a message via Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) informing them of a passenger in seat 13A. “A cat was breastfed and when asked it was not put back in its carrier.”

The print message on the Delta Airlines system went viral on read. Photo: Reproduction

Flight attendant Ainsley Elizabeth, who was on the plane at the time of the incident, gave details of what happened online. “This woman had one of her furless cats wrapped in a blanket. It felt like a baby. Picking up her shirt, she tried to suckle the cat, and she did not put it back in the carrier. The cat cried for life “, Informed. Security experts were said to be involved in the incident but did not disclose what happened to the pet’s emotional mother.

The airline also publishes a note stating that animals such as small dogs, cats and pets can travel as far as they can fit inside, and that they support and fully support breastfeeding on their flights. Carrier boxes.

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