The woman was stopped on the plane while using a microphone to explain Kovid’s “true origin.”

The woman was stopped on the plane while using a microphone to explain Kovid's "true origin."

Passengers in Ai Delta Airlines Flight The first of this week went through extraordinary moments. A woman decided to use a microphone to talk about it The “original origin” of Kovid-19 Inside a plane bound for New York, USA.

This moment was recorded by Xavi, a TikTok social network user. Last Sunday (17/10), he posted pictures of the woman on his profile on Apple.

In the video you can see the woman using the headset microphone to talk. The reason the epidemic started was that no one believed anymore. You’re stuck in your devices and you no longer know what the reality is, “he said.

A group of flight attendants tried to contain the woman. They asked her to turn off the microphone and tried to lead her to a chair. After protesting, the young woman grabbed a suitcase and went to the back of the plane with the staff.

“My dog ​​is more conscious than you,” she said, before being taken away by the stewards. On social networks, Johnny, the author of the video, says he bought an internet package to broadcast live.

As of this Tuesday (10/19), the video has collected 2.1 million views, 230,000 likes and 14,400 comments.

In a statement to the US website Insider, Delta Airlines said “customer and employee safety is always a top priority.”

“We know about the video and we appreciate the quick thinking of our crew who initiated their extensive training to safely eliminate the situation. The flight continued on [Aeroporto] JFK went down on time without any incidents, ”he concluded.

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