The woman fell from the second floor, a fact recorded by a cell phone


Although the world continues to suffer its damage Kovid-19 One of the recommendations given by the health authorities is not to hold meetings with too many people, and if they do, use the mask and literally go to someone who does not care about their safety. Fiesta But it’s in the middle of an epidemic Window frame Gives us some awesome pictures of the open. We are talking about a The woman who fell from the second floor.

must be Viral In Social media A video where you can see a group of young people at a party. Everyone drinks and sings without imagining that there will be a fascinating moment.

More details about the clip have been released. I know it happened in Barranquilla, Colombia, There was a party of a group of young people Engel Melody, Well known singer in urban areas of the country.

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Of course, the helpers did not hesitate to take them out Cell phones To record the performance of the singer and to show that they enjoyed a private performance. In the video, you can see many young people dancing and singing with their glasses on.

However, one of the women who was quickly identified Gracie Garcia, The person sitting in the window frame loses his balance and falls backwards.

Here is a recording shared by a user Twitter Named @ EduardoVarVi1. The message accompanying the publication reads: “A singer from Barranquilla performed at a private party, recording the moment a dancing woman fell from a second window through a window.”

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The pictures are remarkable. We recommend discretion.

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Everything was in shock

Surprised by the cries of those who realized that the young woman had fallen from the second floor where they were, the helpers ran away Window Also, with Cell phone camera They record his body lying on the floor.

Fortunately, the helpers acted quickly and found that the fall was strong and that the woman was on the ground, but she only had fractures and wounds. “It’s out of danger, thank God, there are only fractures and shocks to that height, it’s a miracle,” Engel Melody confirmed. Facebook It was publicly confirmed The woman escaped She was taken in a private car to a health center in Barranquilla.

It is said that there is another video where you can see several young men picking up the girl to get her in the car and take her to the hospital from the emergency room.

The video, which was uploaded by the singer himself on his networks, went viral and was later criticized by some followers for claiming that the woman was actually rejected. Engel, who faced these allegations, declared: “No one has rejected her, so please do not talk about what she does not have. Her body left her, and with faith in God she would rise to victory. ”Then he commented:“ I repeat, no one pushed her, obviously her body is gone, it can happen to anyone. Here they are smart to point out and badly inform, ”the singer denied.

Apparently, he said in an interview with local media that many of the party workers had warned the woman not to sit at the window and to be careful as she had taken too much. However, he said she ignored calls for attention and the celebration almost ended in tragedy due to her negligence.

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