The wife reckons more losses with her husband’s family

The wife reckons more losses with her husband's family

I am very confused and when I come home from work, I feel a lot of pressure because of my wife and family.

We’ve been in love since high school, graduated from college, married for seven years, have two sons and a daughter, and live with my parents. After the wedding, both sides of the family tried to get my wife in a state agency, I worked hard since I was a student, after studying I worked as a wage earner and then joined a business. , until now. The income is more than one hundred million dong per month. My family is from a farmer, so I always try to work, save money to take care of the future and be able to take care of my parents when they are old.

Recently, I feel very tired and don’t want to share much with my wife, my feeling is that you are ignorant and calculating with your mother-in-law financially. Lives with her husband’s parents, but I feel she doesn’t consider them her biological parents. I have to give her my husband’s food and water even if she calculates more than the money she pays her parents every month to take care of them and then she gives it to her parents. . If you say that if you pay a lot this month, you will have to pay a lot, then you will have to pay this much next month, which worries me a lot. I kept silent and kept it in my mind. It was also to cheer me up when I was told to buy my mom a gift for the holidays, I should take her and if I’m busy, she’ll get it done. I think your work is good, but it does not come from the heart.

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I feel it, but it’s so hard to tell her, it will hurt her pride and make things more stressful. My personality is different and it is very difficult to spend on both sides with my parents as much as I can handle it in my capacity and my ability. Even buying gifts worth millions of dong for my wife’s parents, as long as they are excited, I am happy, even though I know my parents never got it. I feel my parents have sacrificed a lot for me, my wife and I have to go to work and my mother needs to feed and take care of my grandchildren. When my wife comes back, sometimes she doesn’t want me to wash. I have always wanted to manage a small family economy. The work of the two is completely different and if I let you handle it, it takes more time to explain the content because of my work and money is constantly coming in and out. When she doesn’t make a dime, I look after all the family expenses, even when the baby’s diapers run out, she waits for him to come home from work and go shopping.

I have never asked her how much her salary is, which respects her wife and allows her to spend comfortably. Moreover, I think I will earn better money and I don’t care about my wife’s civil service salary. The wife has a saying, “This month, this contract, this job, how the profit and loss.” It gradually scares you, thinking that my wife only cares about money. I do not hide anything from her, properties are in the same name, savings and investments are well known.

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In conclusion, in the near future I would like to remodel the house I live in so that my parents can live more comfortably and spaciously, and the children also need their own space. I shared it with my parents. In fact, it is very stressful when the wife always puts a lot of emphasis on the matter of grandparents dividing the land and sand and then taking care of their parents. With my brothers and sisters she counts more losses and the family atmosphere is tense. I am so sad and I don’t know how to deal with it properly. Deep down, I always wanted to be with my parents forever, but my wife didn’t. what should I do?


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