The whole of Ireland laughs at the trailer for the movie “Wild Ma Mountain Time” starring Emily Blunt – but for all the wrong reasons – Kino News

The whole of Ireland laughs at the trailer for the movie "Wild Ma Mountain Time" starring Emily Blunt - but for all the wrong reasons - Kino News

The first trailer of the romantic drama “Wild Ma Mountain Thyme” is making waves in Ireland much higher than expected – but not as the producers expected. After all, the language of Emily Blunt & Company is very bad:

Using “Wild Maintain Thyme”, John Patrick Shanley brings his own episode of “Uts Tside Mullinger” to the big screen in 2014 on Broadway in New York. It suited him There is a cast that most directors dream of:

Also featuring Emily Blunt (“Quiet Place”), Jamie Dornen (“Fifty Shades of Gray”), John Hamm (“Mad Men”), and Christopher Walken (“Pulp Fiction”).

Raised by language

But now the cast of all people – at least in Ireland – has caused almost as much negative publicity. After the release of the first trailer, the stars first appeared on social networks and later in the newspapers with some delay. Poor cover for badly imitated Irish accents.

Criticisms not only against Emily Blunt of London and Christopher Walken of America, but also of the incredibly attempted criticism of being Irish. Jamie Dornen also gets fat for the wrong language – Dornen himself comes from Northern Ireland, so this is his home language.

Even for the Irish Leprechaun Museum it was too much:

Journalist Jennifer Stevens Rank Worst Irish accents – and “Wild Maintain Thyme” made it into the top ten:

Over the next few hours and days, making fun of the trailer became a real sport. Incidentally, not only the local languages, but also other Irish clichs are already well served in the trailer.

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For example, Twitter users wonder why Emily Blunt puts dirt on her face – and find out that “Wild Mine Thyme” is for Irish people like “cats” for real cats:

Companies like Dublin Airport also took part in the discussion: “There is a fashion police force. A grammar police. We have police at the airport. But is there a dialogue police? If so, it’s best to give her a call. After all, Ireland looks so beautiful. “

This is “Wild Mountain Thyme”

Wild Mountain Time is located in County Mayo, Southern Ireland. Emily Blunt plays the character of Rosemary Maldoun, who has a passion for Anthony Reilly, played by Jamie Dornen – but he doesn’t know about it. Meanwhile, Anthony’s father (Christopher Walken) plans to sell the family farm to an American cousin (John Hamm is allowed to speak U.S. English, so not on the line of fire) …

In the US, “Wild Ma Mountain Time” hits theaters on December 11, 2020. A German (or Irish) start date has not yet been set.

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