The White House in Mar-Lago clones the Trump Oval Office. All the details are here

The White House in Mar-Lago clones the Trump Oval Office.  All the details are here

New York – As the “immortal” carved into the rock next to the greatest presidents in history; Nostalgia of Air Force One; A plaque in honor of the wall on the border with Mexico. Donald Trump’s new oval office took a loyalist to reveal to the world, and all the secret hints contained in it about the former president’s strategy of preparing for the resurrection.

Stephen Miller, Later considered Trump’s “other black spirit.” Steve Bannon, Was the instigator of the Muslim ban and several measures against immigration. Miller took a photo of his boss and spread the word on Twitter when Trump visited the Florida resort of Mar-a-Lago, where he moved from New York.

Those photos sparked curiosity, with journalists and politicians zooming in on every detail, searching for messages and symbols, and understanding the state of mind of the president and his intentions. That study is not really a secret, of course, and it is the goal of a continuous pilgrimage: whether members of parliament or Republican governors continue to seek Trump’s support, and large right – wing finance founders continue to contribute to his cause, and perhaps his next presidential election campaign. Miller unveiled several details about that room, which is located above the Palm Beach Club ballroom.

Attempt to repeat the White House Oval Office that Trump left – very reluctantly, as everyone remembers – on January 20th. There are several symptoms of acute nostalgia: a photo of Air Force One flying over Washington on Independence Day last year; One of the Marine One helicopters flies over Rushmore Mountain.

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Trump does not hide the fact that he considers himself one of the greatest leaders in American history, as much as Abraham Lincoln or Teddy Roosevelt, who was praised by South Dakota Governor Rushmore for giving him a copy of the mountain. Next to the carved faces appear from other presidents.

The egoistic adoration of the personality is always visible, and there is always a mini bust that represents him among the trinkets that adorn the studio. However, to provoke narcissism, there is an outline of frames with photos of family members: Melania, the children, the legendary father who saved him from bankruptcy. Browse Singh takes a photo with a copy of Trump Wall Street Journal, Owned by the Economic and Economic Press Rupert Murdoch There has long been a paradoxical relationship with him: it is the bible of American capitalism, but Trump accuses it of continuing to serve the “global” ideology that has destroyed the country.

Murdoch gave him a betrayal worse than his TV Fox News He shunned allegations of electoral fraud. The presence of the culprit hidden behind the phone is the former president’s favorite drink: Diet Coke. There is nothing to be ashamed of except that Trump called for a boycott of Coca-Cola because the Atlanta Multinational is backing the Democrats in Georgia who are rejecting new electoral laws in the name of African American rights.

As a warning of the political future, the most obvious symbol is the US border patrol, a plaque given to Trump by the border police, thanks to his action in strengthening control of the southern border, and a “recognition” wall with Mexico. This is again Trump’s major workhorse as the influx of asylum seekers increases. The humanitarian crisis on the border has been on record for 15 years. Trump accused Biden of encouraging them by offering a general amnesty. He is convinced that his party will be able to win the midterm assembly elections and regain a majority in Congress in the wake of the illegal immigration boom: In November 2022, just as we were voting, the election campaign began.

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Will a Republican congressional bidder pave the way for Trump’s re-election as president? Of course Mar-a-Lago’s Oval Office business will have a long waiting list, with an increase in requests for auditions. Even after three months of silence on social media, Trump’s grip on the Grand Old Party has not weakened.

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