The “white dwarf” discovery is infinitely smaller and larger

The "white dwarf" discovery is infinitely smaller and larger

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About 97% of dying stars become fiery stars, capable of swallowing so-called “white dwarfs”, one of the densest objects in the universe.

According to the Reuters agency, scientists have announced that a recently discovered “white dwarf” has created a record in this regard because it holds a large mass of a small size.

Today, scientists say that the mass of this white dwarf, which is gravitational and very fast, exceeds the mass of the Sun by 35%, but its diameter is slightly larger than its size. Earth’s moon.

This means that the dwarf has the largest mass and, unexpectedly, the smallest known white dwarf size, thanks to its density.

Among other things, there is nothing more dense than white dwarfs Black holes Neutron stars.

The birth pattern of this white dwarf, named (ZTFJ 1901 + 1458), was also unusual.

This dwarf seems to have come about as a result of a binary star system in which two stars revolve around each other, and then each star becomes a separate dwarf at the end of its life cycle, and then they move and merge with each other into an entity.

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Ilaria Kayadsu, an astronomer at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), said the merger would have been possible if the composite mass had only increased slightly. Starburst A giant called a supernova or (supernova). They made it clear that it would explode at any moment in the future.

“This white dwarf has really reached its limit,” she added. “We found an object that reached the extreme based on how small and heavy the white dwarf could be,” she said.

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