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The website says the pregnancy of 10 babies in South Africa is ridiculous – International

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Images of pregnant women traveled around the world incio In June, she gave birth to seven boys and three girls in Pretoria, South Africa. Record The world.

This Tuesday (6/15) the father of the children, Tebogo Sotetsi, was an A.D. Release In it, he apologized for “disgrace and embarrassment” and concluded that his family was “tenfold”.

A Concluded After several attempts to enter, he would get there Contact Without success with her and the children.

When the babies were thought to have been born, the hospital did not confirm Information Fumla Williams, director general of communications for the South African government, said he could not be reached for comment.

The Guinness Book of Records is still investigating the case. Currently, the record for most babies born in the same pregnancy as an American is eight in 2009 Children.

There is more controversy surrounding the case. Earlier in the week, Sibongil Gzekwa said that Tobo was actually her husband and that he had cheated on her with the mother of ten children. “When he started to escape at night, I confronted him about the betrayal. At that time, I did not know who she was. He did not tell me anything about his ten new children. Subject“She is OK.

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