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The Webb Telescope has captured the image of the first planet outside our solar system

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Although this is a huge step forward for science, the planet is practically useless to humanity – it is uninhabitable.

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Source: NASA

NASA, with the help of the James Webb Space Telescope, has revealed the first image of an alien planet outside our solar system, writes NASA.

The image captures an exoplanet. Its name is HIP 65426 b. The image has four different light filters.

NASA has confirmed that the newly captured planet is a gas giant. This means it has no cliffs. Therefore it will never be habitable.

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Despite the fact that it’s of no practical use to humanity, Sasha Hinckley, associate professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Exeter, is excited about it. “This is a transformative moment not just for the web, but for astronomy in general” Hinckley said. According to NASA, the exoplanet is about 15 to 20 million years old. It has been known since 2017. Jupiter is 12 times heavier.

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According to scientists, creating a picture of this planet was complicated. Stars are much brighter than exoplanets. But thanks to cutting-edge technology, they finally succeeded.

We can thank researcher Aryan Carter for discovering the planet in the photo. “Getting the final image was challenging. It was like a cosmic treasure hunt. At first I could only see the light from the star. But by carefully processing the image, I was able to remove this light and reveal the planet.

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Preview image: NASA

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