The walrus sleeps on an iceberg and is transported from Greenland to Ireland

The walrus sleeps on an iceberg and is transported from Greenland to Ireland

Sleeping on the bus and sleeping in an unknown place is something that has happened at least once in the lives of those who use public transport, but what happened to this walrus goes even further.

The animal slept on top of an iceberg in Greenland, traveled thousands of kilometers and slept on the Irish coast.


This walrus was first spotted last Sunday (14) by a 5-year-old girl, Muran Houlihan, and as soon as she saw the strange animal, she called her father, Alan, and explained what it was all about.

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At first, the man thought it was a seal, but was amazed at the size of the animal’s horns, prompting him to confirm that it was a walrus.

I am a pesado

The theory of heavy sleep was put forward by marine biologist Kevin Flannery. “She’s from the Arctic, Greenland, maybe. She would tell me what had happened, she would have slept on an iceberg and changed, and then she would have gone far away, to the middle of the Atlantic or somewhere else, ”he declared.


According to the expert, the animal now needs a lot of rest and food because the journey was extremely tiring and the animals that fed him were not available outside the Arctic.

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“He’s asleep. I’m asking people to let her rest until she’s back,” the biologist said. “I hope she regains strength and goes back,” Flannery added.

Young animal

The small prey indicates that the animal is still very young. Attribution: Alan Houlihan / Twitter

Kevin Flannery’s analysis is based on photos sent to him by people who found Walrus. The zoologist believes that although the animal is the size of a cow, it is still very young because its prey is about 30 cm long.

In adult animals, males range in length from 90 cm to 1.10 m.

Before returning home, the animal must be given the name given to it by those who first saw it, but in order to decide, the animal must first be known as “a boy or a girl,” says Muiran Houlihan.

With information from The Independent e Irish Central

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