The Voice of Germany: Noah Sam brings tears to the jury

The Voice of Germany: Noah Sam brings tears to the jury

Noah Sam’s appearance in “Passenger – Riding to New York” thrilled all the jurors, which was certainly not a sympathy bonus. “Some people sing really well, but for those who sing accurately they forget to touch it because it’s the perfect perfection that happens, and I think it never happens to you,” says Stephanie Closh. Yvonne Catterfeld adds: “I responded to an impulse because I found your voice to be very beautiful, touching and calm.”

Noah Sam gave an encore and sang his own song. Then the decision was made: the artist had to choose a coaching team. He also announced who he was working with and the song: his first concert was in Silvermont, where he sings. So his choice is clear: he goes to John and Steffi.

Despite his excellent performance, Noah was “always lacking in confidence, and I had some difficult times,” says the station. He was threatened by other children.

Now he uses his skills and helps people with physical limitations. “During my internship I can bring music to many places and I enjoy it!”

You can see his performance below.

“The Voice of Germany” runs from October 8 to Thursday at 8:15 pm in Prosiben and on Sundays at 1 p.m..

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