The viral photo of the floating ship is correct: we explain how that is possible

The viral photo of the floating ship is correct: we explain how that is possible

Yes, you saw it right: in the photo on the cover A ship floating in the air. Many of you think this is a fake, image created with the help of Photoshop or similar programs. However, in reality everything is true: we explain how this is possible.

Well, as reported New York Times And BBC, David Morris, 52, was walking quietly along the coast of Falmouth (Cornwall, South West England) when he noticed this strange phenomenon with his own eyes. Morris was incredible, so much so that he took the picture (it) to see if it was true. Once posted on Facebook, The film went around the world, Quickly goes viral on social media in a few days.

Few people wonder how this is possible, but in fact the explanation is simpler than one might think. of course Optical illusion, or a better mirage. Simply put, a number of factors, including the temperature inversion at Morris’ eye level, led to the illusion that the ship was floating. This can happen due to the refraction of the rays, which goes from a cold transmission medium to a hot one.

In short, these are definitely not “magic” or Photoshop-reproduced images, but “simply” Optical phenomenon.

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