“The Vikings”: Epic Trailer for the Grand Final – It’s Great for Fans – Series News

"The Vikings": Epic Trailer for the Grand Final - It's Great for Fans - Series News

The hit series “Vikings” on Amazon Prime Video will end in 2020. The very dramatic trailer now promises that the producers will do it all again for the remaining episodes of the sixth and final season.

Amazon has dropped the start date for the final “Vikings” episodes a bit earlier as the online provider has already distributed the trailer for the Big Series finale. In fact, it was about time, and the pre-confirmed start date has already arrived:

The last ten “Vikings” episodes will be released on Amazon Prime Video on December 30, 2020 – already in Germany.

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All the consequences of one are diminished

Yes, you read that right: For the crowning “Vikings” graduation, the remaining ten episodes are available at once. At this point viewers don’t have to wait a week to see how the story goes, but they can watch it all at once.

The main reason for this is that Amazon has signed a new contract, which now guarantees exclusive first-time publishing rights to the provider in several major markets. Although the series is originally from the Canadian History Channel, this time it has only secondary exploitative rights to its own series.

The advantage of this is that fans in this country are more resistant to spoilers this time around (of course, depending on how fast the final episodes catch on). The local publication was already time-bound, but a few hours after it was televised in history, Germany (along with Austria, Great Britain, Ireland and the USA) is one of the countries where the episodes celebrate their world premiere.

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So this goes the “Vikings” in the sixth season

The second half of the sixth “Vikings” season is definitely tough. After a devastating battle between John (Alexander Ludwig) and Ivar (Alex Hogg Anderson), Cuttack’s future is in jeopardy. The conflict between the Vikings and the Russ threatens to escalate once again. King Wessex is also attacking the developing northern peoples of England.

Meanwhile, Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) tries to fulfill a wish of his father Ragnar: he wants to travel west because there is no Viking in front of him. But there are also many dangers lurking in the high seas.

Sixth season “Vikings” coming soon on Netflix?

As you can read at the end of the trailer above, Amazon’s exclusive streaming rights for the “Vikings” deal extend from December 30, 2020 to March 30, 2021. It is still unclear exactly what that means from April to this period. . It should be clear that episodes will still be available on Amazon Prime Video after March – and not just there.

Instead, they will be broadcast abroad in history at that time. But they may result in other streaming services. As everyone knows, the “Vikings” have been available on Netflix in this country since the beginning of 2020, including the first half of the sixth season.

Maybe the “Vikings” final will appear on Netflix in April 2021. It remains to be seen if this will really happen.

The end of “Viking” is certain – but double distributions are in sight

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