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The view of the earth from space is life changing and unbelievable, says Sirisha Bandla zws 70 |

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Houston: When Rakesh Sharma, India’s first astronaut, went into space, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi answered ‘Sare Jahanse Acha Hindosta Hamra’ when asked what India would look like from space. Sirisha Bandla, who is currently observing space after Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams, said the Earth’s view from space is life-changing and unbelievable.

Bandela observed what the Earth looked like from space from the spacecraft launched for the Virgin Galactic.

Unity and five passengers, including the company’s owner, Richard Branson, the British billionaire was on board the space.

Parakkukayayirunnu the plane from New Mexico. The curvature of the spacecraft was evident at an altitude of 88 km in the New Mexico desert. This time it felt zero gravity for a few minutes.

“I still feel like I’m in space,” Bandla told NBC. I’m glad I was there. I felt I should not use the word ‘incredible’. This golden moment of seeing the earth from space was unforgettable. This holiday changed my life. From here, the return to place and place to earth reached the pinnacle of happiness. It is a very exciting journey.

“It was like an emotional moment,” Bandla said. I have dreamed of going into space since I was young, and now it has come true. I wanted to be an astronaut, but I could not get into the NASA system. Therefore, I have chosen non-traditional way to go into space. Many people feel the same way when they go there.

Did not meet the standards of NASA astronauts. She said the VAZ unit was a spacecraft for five people today. But two more places are at the production level. Space travel costs and increase upayeagikkuntearum technology more widely.

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First published July 13, 2021 2:07 AM

Web Title: Sirisha Bandla zws 70 says that the view of the earth from space is life changing and incredible

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