The video went viral on the internet with the family reacting to the dog’s return

The video went viral on the internet with the family reacting to the dog's return

Netizens were thrilled when a puppy named Brownie returned home after missing for about a week. In a video posted on social media, the animal entered the gates of a family home in Barranquilla, Colombia alone, and the enthusiastic response from tutors who saw the small animal safely and loudly set a worldwide record.

Brownie went missing on March 29, and his owner, Steven Beltran, told publications on the networks that as soon as they realized the puppy was no longer in the house’s garage, they began a long process to find him. Where.

Brownie’s teachers posted pictures of the puppy on the Internet and did several searches in the neighborhood.

Image: Personal archive

“We look at it many days, we do not sleep for days, we do not eat,” Beltran told the Dodo news website. “All we can do is think about Brownie.”

He said the fear and frustration of any danger to the little boy had deeply disturbed the members of the household.

“We put up posters in the neighborhood and posted about the disappearance and shared it on social media, but no one showed up,” Brownie said. Until the night of April 4th surprised the family, they had a happy surprise.

The puppy finally found his way home alone, and the moment he clicked through the front gate he was caught on the home’s external security camera.

The video also shows the reaction of family members who celebrate a lot, jump with joy and cry with joy.

“Getting Brownie back is indescribable,” Beltran said. “We’re so glad he’s back.”

The family was interviewed by several news outlets and TV shows in Argentina, Panama, Venezuela and the USA. The animal received various gifts such as special bones, toys and treats.

After the scare, already in the comfort of home, Brownie won several prizes such as toys and treats for dogs - Reproduction / Instagram - Reproduction / Instagram

After the ordeal, Brownie, who is now comfortable at home, received several gifts, including toys and treats for the dogs.

Image: Playback / Instagram

After reuniting, the family created a profile of the puppy on Instagram. In a post, Brownie shares his photos on social media and says “thank you” to everyone who helped him find and return home:

“Thanks to all the people who shared my photo day and night. Thanks to this video, I went viral and published my story in many news and asked for interviews.”

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