The video behind the curtain reveals a series of intense fights-

Vikings: Valhalla premieres images du spin off

The Vikings may be over, but that doesn’t mean fans will never hear from their favorite warriors. Vikings: Netflix, which is developing a sequel to Valhalla in Ireland, has released the first screen video showing the long-awaited series.

The Vikings, created for Michael Hearth’s History Channel, a historical drama based on Ragnar Loadbrook’s Nordic sagas, came to a disastrous end last December after six and a half seasons on the Amazon Prime video streaming platform.

Vikings: Valhalla will air on Netflix in 2022

The series premiered as Travis Fimme Explorer-Warrior Ragnar Loadbroke until Season Four. Subsequently, the events focused on his sons, who continued his legacy for years by expanding their territories throughout Europe.

Undoubtedly, the Vikings have become one of the best historical dramas on television, not only because of the mix of storytelling, but also because of the quality of the interpretation of each of the characters, such as Lagarta, Bejonc, Ivor, Ubbe, and Floki. Name some of the fans’ hearts.

The Vikings may be over, but that doesn’t mean fans will never hear from their favorite characters. Netflix is ​​currently developing a sequel to Vikings: Valhalla, which tells the story 100 years after the events of the original series. Netflix has shared behind-the-scenes footage from the new play, which shows the intense battles taking place on screen in 2022.

According to the official summary, the Vikings: Valhalla describes the legendary adventures of some of the most famous Vikings who lived at the beginning of the eleventh century: Leaf Eriksson, Friedis Eriksdotter, Harald Hardroda, Norman King William, all conquering a new world.

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Vikings: Intense fighting with Valhalla shows first scenes behind the scenes

Viking Cast: Sam Corlett, Frida Gustavsson, Leo Sutter, Bradley Freigard, Janus Johnson, Laura Berlin, David Oaks and Carolyn Henderson in Valhalla confirm themselves as regulars in the series. Polyanna McIntosh and Asbjon Krog Nisen will play the returning characters.

Vikings: The characters in Valhalla will be inspired by the struggles of their original series’ predecessors, Michael Hearst revealed, and Ragnar and Lagartha are two fan favorites to reappear in the new Netflix series, with the Vikings reuniting. Cuttack to shoot great heroes.

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