The vaccination campaign on the island of Ireland is in full swing

The vaccination campaign on the island of Ireland is in full swing

After one, Ireland prepares to return to normal Closure It is the longest and toughest in Europe. Starting From May 10, visitors will be able to travel across the country, avail personal services such as hairdressers, meet in six outdoor groups (all three vaccinated indoors), visit galleries, museums and cultural attractions, collect a maximum of 15 people, attend religious services and place their orders. Shops will be open for shopping from May 17, hotels will reopen from June 2, and bars, restaurants (outdoor), gyms and swimming pools will be open from May 7.

Tao Tsev (Head of Government, AD) Michael Martin praised the population for adhering to the four-and-a-half-month restrictions and reminded the government that it would monitor the situation after the easing of restrictions. The executive wants Accelerate the now frustrating vaccination campaign compared to neighboring Northern Ireland. The goal is to give The first dose should provide complete immunity to 80% of the population and 55% of Irish by the end of June.

Currently, only 10.25% of the population is fully immunized, while at least one dose per 1 million 300 thousand people. It does not seem impossible to vaccinate about five million residents. The small regional dimensions of the country should not complicate the task of the national health service. The vaccination plan for Kovid-19 has undergone some changes, the most important of which is related to the choice of vaccine to continue with the declining age and to use the vaccine in a more flexible manner. It seems that the possibility of young people being vaccinated in advance has been ruled out, as they now account for three-quarters of all positive cases causing the spread of the virus. The new vaccination plan will not significantly affect the time of adolescence, but will depend on vaccine deliveries in May and June.

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The great pace of the Northern Irish vaccination program has had paradoxical consequences, forcing hundreds of citizens of the Republic of Ireland to book vaccinations for the Kovid-19 across the border. In March, the number of people receiving the first dose in Northern Ireland was over 687,000, proportional to the population, equivalent to 1.8 million people south of the border, however, the number of first doses was very low. 492 over a thousand. Irish citizens are advised not to book vaccinations in Northern Ireland except for exceptions related to their presence on the site of their health care doctor.

The extra vaccines raised by Foreign Minister Simon Coweny a few weeks ago are unlikely to be given to Ireland by the UK, as London is still busy vaccinating its own population, and it may take some time. Shared with Ireland.

The current Irish epidemiological situation seems comforting. The average rate of new infections reported in the last seven days is between 400 and 450 per day, and has not exceeded 600 since early March. 117 patients were hospitalized due to Kovid-19, 34 of whom were in the intensive care unit, while the rate of morbidity, last. Fourteen days, 276 cases in Germany, 565 in the Netherlands and 249 in Italy, equivalent to 124 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Ireland has been subject to a longer and harsher lockdown than most other countries in the world, with most of its economic activity shutting down by 2021. It returned to growth after easing restrictions just before Christmas. According to Oxford University, the country had the highest per capita infection rate in the world in early January, while the government adopted the third national lockdown by the end of December due to the presence of the English variant. ..

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