The unparalleled sound of Stradivarius due to chemicals?

Le son inégalé du Stradivarius serait dû à des traitements particuliers de son bois. © jupiter8, Adobe Stock

For more than 200 years, the amazing voice of Stradivarius has not matched. According to an international research team, its trade secret lies in a chemical cocktail. More precisely, in the treatment of wood against worms.

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Between 1644 and 1737, the most famous Lutheran in Italy produced about 1,200 violins: Antonio Stradivari. Today only half is left. Only the violins of his contemporary Gurneri Of Gesù, emit quality sounds comparable to Stradivarius. But why? For centuries, no craftsman has achieved such a result. According to a recent one Research, With its treatments Drink The equipment was developed and kept secret by these two Lutherans.

The presence of these chemicals indicates a collaboration between Lutherans and local pharmacists at the time., Appreciated Joseph Nagiwari is a biochemistry researcher and study co-author. It is reported that Stradivari and the governor wanted to treat their violin to prevent worms from biting the wood. Pests Worms were very common during this period.

The products found are not just on the surfaceTool, But also within the tree. ” The Stradivari and Guernsey had their own proprietary method of cultivating timber, which could have been given considerable importance. , The scientist adds, the patent system was non-existent at the time, forcing both artisans to keep their recipe secret.

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A chemical cocktail

This research team looked at instrument soundboards, i.e., amplifying parts of a device that receive vibration. Wood,story, Showed signs of artificial forgery only in the case of manufactured tables Cremona, The city where Stradivari and the governor were born. Those from modern equipment did not display the same details of the composition.

The researchers were able to identify Minerals Used for treatment and their potential functions. Borax and metal sulphates would serve ” To remove Mushrooms , They write Cell Moisture control table,Alan For molecular crosslinking – perfecting Defense Water and wood decay – potash or quick lime for alkaline treatment. So this set would have a significant impact on the sound quality of the violin.

Will moderns overtake masters?

All my research is based on the assumption that, over the years, the wood of the great masters has been subjected to aggressive chemical treatment and that it has a direct role in creating the excellent sound of Stradivari and Guerny. ജോസഫ്, Joseph Nagiwari agrees. This data is now a confirmed awareness.

The authors assume that their invention will happen. ” Extend to other devices that include spruce soundboards “, such as Piano Or harp. In it, ” There is little reason to believe that it was an eighteenth-century Italian craftE The century cannot be reconstructed or surpassed with the help of modern science , They assert.

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