The university has grants up to 100% for Brazilians

The university has grants up to 100% for Brazilians

Studying abroad has become an increasingly common experience in recent years, thanks to the offering of full scholarships. Aspiring Brazilians studying A university in Canada, for example, can take advantage of the full range of aid vacancies offered by the University of Montreal.

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Selected for the university programme Averted of any charge. Yes, that includes tuition and other learning-related investments. They are 100% scholarships, but the amount of assistance varies according to the academic performance of each student.

Canadian University has vacancies for Brazilians

The offer of University of Canada places is part of an incentive program launched in 2020. It is valid not only for Brazilian students, but also for students from anywhere in the world.

The purpose of the program is to facilitate transferPromote the exchange of knowledge among academics and discover the best talent in various fields.

A ranking published by The Times newspaper shows that the University of Montreal in Canada is among the top 100 universities in the world. This is also why students from many countries try to avail scholarship opportunities.

Vacancies for Brazilians in Canadian universities are for undergraduate and graduate courses. Those interested in signing up and Compete One of the available scholarships requires accessing the official website of the University of Montreal.

On the platform, students find all the documents required for registration. Before filling the form, students have access to all the deadlines of the selection process.

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The University evaluates the documents submitted by the applicants. All other steps follow with email confirmations. The organization sends a username and password so that the candidate can follow another Steps of the process.

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