The university chooses BEG’s Daly control system

The university chooses BEG's Daly control system

Lighting concept that can be operated via smartphone

News | 23.07.2021

The possibilities of digitization and networking are changing our world. As part of a building renovation, the new lighting must be multifunctional, easy to use and energy efficient. The University of Rohampton selected BEG’s Daly control system

The Daly control system identifies which rooms are being used by presence detectors

(Build: Rohampton University)

It is very rare for someone to turn off the lights in a community room. Typically, lighting alone accounts for 25% of a university’s energy costs. The Daly control system generates significant savings here because presence detectors detect which rooms are actually being used. Lighting is provided only where needed. On the other hand, when rooms and hallways are not in use or illuminated with sufficient intensity in daylight, it is automatically switched off or dimmed.

Photo studio Daly control system
Proper lighting is essential in film and photo studios

(Build: Rohampton University)

After all, students in the fields of “digital media”, “media culture and languages” can expect benefits and flexible application options with »BEG Daly-Link with. Light plays a functional and atmospheric role in photo, film, television, sound studios, editing and processing rooms, and the university’s largest cinema hall. Here, the immediate announcement of the possibility of new technologies.

Common room dolly control system
Normal rooms and lounges are lit without invitation.

(Build: Rohampton University)

BEG Daly-Link flex offers flexible and scalable lighting control. A lighting scene can be easily adjusted and adapted via a Bluetooth connection and a smartphone app if room usage changes. Students at the university can be convinced of the dolly lighting system in the new accommodation, seminar rooms, study and public rooms.

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The project was planned by Michael Jones & Associates, a regate-based mechanical and electrical building technology company. Specialist company BEG UK Ltd., a lighting control specialist, has selected a user-friendly heart system. To implement.

Kino Daly control system
Cinema lights are also dimmed using the Daly control system

(Build: Rohampton University)

Tom Greenroad, BEG UK Specification Director, elaborates on the solutions created:The control system was planned and approved by the University for use in most areas requiring occupancy detection and / or scene control. These include, for example, classrooms, open plan, personal offices, seminar rooms, studios, computer rooms, and cinema.«

The University of Rohampton needs constant light control and lack of detection and a scene for classroom presentations. This can be achieved through a main power supply and a dolly bus that connects all the lights to the multi-sensor »Daly-Link and a push button module. This module is located behind a dual switch plate with two push buttons that can be lowered.

Application Daly control system
If desired, the multi-sensor can be deactivated via the BEG application

(Build: Rohampton University)

»We use one button for the absence and daytime link, the second for the preset scene, And so on Greenroad. »In this case it is used in multi-sensor absence mode, but can also be used in presence mode or as a light barrier.Made such changes in settings via the GEG BEG app. There is an option to deactivate the multi-sensor if necessary.

The lecture hall, which can be controlled via the push button module, requires six scenes. One button module with Bluetooth and the second button module without Bluetooth are used for this purpose. You can increase the number of available scenes to eight by using the second push button module. A maximum of 16 scenes can be achieved with four modules. Because it isBEG Daly-Link“If it’s an application-based system, it’s easy to make changes and save settings. To prevent unauthorized access, you can set a zip code that is only known to authorized users.

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»Daly-Link« also enables system orientation lighting. If an area is not in use, lighting can be controlled with a small percentage, which eliminates unlit areas. This creates a safe environment within the university. The “guided light” function allows the lighting to dim up and down depending on a person’s movement. This automation is beneficial in corridors and stairwells to reduce energy consumption.

In the remaining areas where low flexibility lighting control solution is required, BEG UK Ltd. Daly suggested the use of broadcast sensors. At all project handovers, operator training is conducted by BEG specialists. In this case, too, care was taken to ensure that university staff were familiar with the system and could make changes if necessary.

BEG UK Ltd. Director of Sales for Great Britain and Ireland, Paul Jones, Explained: “We are pleased to be able to successfully implement this amazing project in collaboration with Rohampton University and Michael Jones & Associates. The university needs a clear and defined lighting control solution that will enable the lighting to operate automatically and significantly reduce energy and energy costs. ‘Daly-Link’ is easy to use. University staff can now individually control room lighting and scene selection by pressing a button on a smartphone using the BEG app. We are pleased to offer a solution using the ‘Daly-Link’ system that has been tried and tested, which brings substantial money and energy savings to the University of Rohampton.«

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