The United States is removing an obstacle to an international agreement

Les Etats-Unis lèvent l'obstacle à un accord international sur la taxe numérique.

Raised by the United States The main obstacle to accepting an international agreement to tax digital giants, GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), referring to an official of the US Treasury this Friday. Washington finally “Shelter“(” Safe Harbor “in English), which allowed companies to choose between the new tax regimes discussed in the OECD and the current system.

A decision welcomed by Germany this FridayGreat move from Washington“After removing this major hurdle. Now, according to Berlin, there is an international agreement on digital taxation.”Possible in the summer“.


To understand what that is, we need to go back a bit. In early July 2019, the French Parliament approved the tax on digital giants. She is planning 3% tax on turnover This famous “GAFA” was made in France. This tax is levied on large companies in the region, not on profits, and is often consolidated in very low-taxing countries such as Ireland, but on turnover. This tax was controversial for Donald Trump in the United States at the time Open a query. At that time, this was a temporary solution, because in the international arena, different countries are negotiating to find a world agreement and agree with everyone.

Soon after, Donald Trump condemned Emmanuel Macron’s “idiocy” and threatened to impose a tax on French wine. The amount of retaliatory action.

This tax, adopted in France, was finally suspended in January 2020. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, France and the United States agreed to continue discussions internationally to find a way to impose a digital tax on the giants. Finance Minister Bruno Le Meyer then announced: “It simply came to our notice then _Possibility of an international solution to the imposition of digital taxes._

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