The United States, EU and China emit 50% of global CO2 emissions

The United States, EU and China emit 50% of global CO2 emissions
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If the phenomenon of greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming is a global catastrophe, it involves very strong inequalities. Currently, China dominates the ranking of the most polluted countries on the planet. But that is not the reality of yesterday. By collecting CO emissions2 Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, America has shown itself to be the worst student in the class.

The site, which specializes in analyzing climate and energy data, found the Carbon Brief time scale to be 1850 and assessed each country’s contribution to total carbon dioxide emissions. Highlights the result “Historical Responsibility” From October 31 to November 12 in Glasgow the states of climate change, the main problem of COP26.

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Since 1850, 2,500 billion tons of CO2 Issued

In the Carbon Brief calculation, emissions are assigned to existing geographical and political institutions, not taking into account colonial history. Changes in boundaries have sometimes made it difficult to re-allow programs. Also, depending on the chosen approach – consumption of CO2 Per capita, the most polluted countries by 2021, emission growth rate – ranking varies, revealing the complexity of the exercise.

Explosion of CO ejection2 From China

If the United States and the European Union were the first to carry out their industrial revolution, China is the first polluter in terms of the annual evolution of CO emissions.2. Not all of today’s major polluters follow the same path.

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Greenhouse effect: mechanism, causes, and consequences

The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon that allows to maintain a positive temperature on the surface of the earth. Intensification of the use of fossil fuels leads to an increase in the concentration of these gases (methane, ozone, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide). [CO2 ]), Leading to global warming. CO2 Is the main culprit.

Sources: Analysis: Which countries are historically responsible for climate change? »; Global Carbon Project; F.-M.Brézon, G. Luneau, Weather Atlas, Or, 2021

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