The UN urges every country to manage “water resources” sustainably for all

The UN urges every country to manage "water resources" sustainably for all

Water is special compared to other resources,– Chief Editor Rick Connor explained World Water Assessment Program (Wwap) Of UNESCO, a research center for foreigners in Perugia. “Water has different values ​​of origin and availability (e.g. between dry or wet areas), what it is used for, and how much it is in demand. To these crises, we must add that water has special qualities such as health, hygiene, cultural and spiritual values ​​and that it does not replace every identified use and value.

According to a UNESCO report, the entire Italian territory has a map indicating a region with very high “water pressure” below the Emilian Apennine, which means that the ratio between total water withdrawal and available renewable water resources is more than 80%.

For more than 20 years, Italy holds the European record for the amount of freshwater it withdraws: 9.2 billion cubic meters per year. The loss of the Italian supply system has grown over the years and reached 42%, i.e. 42 per 100 liters lost on the way into the water network.

The World Resource Institute (VRI), an international research center on natural resources, is one of the countries where Italy faces the most severe water pressure. In addition, our country has the lowest investment in water management in Europe.

European House Ambrosetti, (A professional group that has developed numerous activities in the strategic and operational updating and research consultancy sectors in Italy, Europe and around the world), estimates an average investment of യൂറോ 40 per resident (European average യൂറോ 100). last year, UtilitaliaThe Federation of Environment and Energy Water Companies estimates that 7.2 billion euros will be needed over the next four years to ensure a safe water supply.

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The top 5 countries in Europe for annual per capita water consumption are: Greece: 157 m3; Italy: 153 m3; Ireland: 128m3; Bulgaria: 119 m3; Croatia: 111 m3.

3.4 billion cubic meters of water is discharged from the Italian water network each year; 4.4 billion funds for sustainability and the integrated water cycle included by Italy in the NRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan).

The same “Vry” confirmed that Italy would need to invest about 0.6 percent of its GDP of about 8-9 billion euros to renew part of its water supply network and achieve sustainable management by 2030.

“Basic costs for water supply and sanitation are expensive, but indirect revenues are huge because it improves health and livelihoods for more opportunities for jobs and education, which is essential for a growing economy,” Connor recalled.

2.2 billion people worldwide do not have access to safe water.

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