The UN Security Council is discussing North Korea without taking action

Le dirigeant nord-coréen Kim Jong Un assiste à une cérémonie à Pyongyang, le 24 mars 2021.

The UN Security Council met briefly behind closed doors on Tuesday at the request of European members to discuss the latest missile fire from North Korea.Additional activitiesPossible in New York.

However, neither the Council’s statement nor the press release from European members at the end of the video conference lasted more than half an hour at the UN. One year ago, on March 31, 2020, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany and the United Kingdom were all in one sentence. “Condemned the provocative actionsPyongyang has already carried out the shooting.

This Tuesday “Unexpected“And”It was not discussed“Without explaining the reason, the diplomats were placed in a state of anonymity. As in the previous year, European members of the Council requested a meeting: France, Estonia, Ireland and Norway (the two countries that came after Belgium and Germany in January), the United Kingdom talking about a state of anonymity,”The majority of council members expressed concern“Everything is recalled after the North Korean shooting”The goal of nuclearizationOn the peninsula.

Last Thursday, the North Korean military used two missiles introduced by the United States as short-range missiles. Many UN resolutions prohibit Pyongyang from launching such projects. In the aftermath of these shots, Washington had given priority to requesting a meeting of the Security Council (representing 15 members of the Council) on North Korea last Friday instead of a session of the Security Council. It called for an investigation into the shooting from UN experts responsible for monitoring the sanctions.

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«Deployment of interest»

The session demanded by the Europeans provoked Pyongyang, the Security Council said in a statement on Monday.Two weights, two dimensionsIt depends on whether the projects are launched by North Korea or other countries. “We held a siege committee and are examining additional steps that could be taken here in New YorkU.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said at a joint news conference with Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Monday evening.

By awakening “Provocations“And”Ballistic missile attacks threaten the region and the entire international community“Anthony Blinkan told the media that he could allow a North Korean file.”Deployment of interestWashington Between Washington and Beijing, Pyongyang’s support and the key to resolving the crisis. He recalled that the United States was reviewing its approach to North Korea. Although North Korean President Kim Jong Un has benefited from a surprise compromise with former President Donald Trump, there have been no clear results in halting his nuclear and ballistic weapons programs.

North Korea’s banned nuclear and ballistic programs have been subject to heavy economic sanctions by the Security Council for years.

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