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The UK wants a fresh start in the EU for a “reform” of the Brexit deal.

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February 8 (Reuters) – The United Kingdom and the European Union must restore their trust following a dispute over vaccine supply. UK Minister Michael said on Monday. Agreement on trade after Brexit in Northern Ireland.

After the UK withdrew from the European Union earlier this year, trade between Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK became a point of constant tension between the two sides.

Relations between the two groups, which have been embroiled in years of heated Brexit talks, have been further complicated by the European Union’s announcement that it will include Northern Ireland in the vaccination export control system. , Member of the European Union, Northern Ireland, British Territory.

As the Union rapidly changed its position, the United Kingdom now hopes to capitalize on this misunderstanding, especially as it sought to amend part of the withdrawal agreement related to trade with Northern Ireland.

“It’s time to dump her and move on,” said Michael Gove, the UK’s coordinating minister.

“There are a number of issues (…) that we believe need to be well-adjusted for the protocol to work in the interests of the citizens of Northern Ireland,” he noted.

Northern Irish politicians have complained about the new rules, arguing that they are causing shortages in supermarkets and disrupting the supply of goods. So they demanded that the protocol in Northern Ireland be abandoned.

However, the European Union and the United Kingdom have agreed to “work hard” to resolve these issues, and Michael Gove is expected to meet with European Commission Vice President Maros Sefkovic this week.

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