The UK is ready for Brexit

The UK is ready for Brexit

The UK has already paid a huge bill for 3 years of non-Brexit: it has lost about $ 60 billion in GDP. In the last quarter of 2019, the engine stopped: in October, zero growth, weak industrial production, a slow economy that has not occurred since 2012. At the moment, it is not Brexit that is stifling growth and weighing the economy; The real culprit in this crisis is the stall in Brexit.

If Johnson gets a majority to allow quiet space for the plot, his exit from the EU will move forward quickly, given the deadline. This situation would be quite different in the case of labor success. Corbyn promised to postpone Brexit and demand a new agreement with the European Union. If Corbyn, a Labor leader associated with a Marxist tradition that never dies, wins, it will profoundly change the structure of the economy, which was the heart of liberalism. If neither party has reached an absolute majority, negotiations will open to form an alliance or form a minority executive. The Tories, led by Boris Johnson, have so far been given the nod, but the difference between the Conservatives and other British political forces is clear. Theresa May’s alliance with the Northern Irish Dupe is hard to repeat, given the inconsistencies in the Brexit debate.

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