The UK is not sinking in Chaos


Brexit, Day 2, Citizens England, Wales, Scotland ed Ireland North They wake up as calm as every day. Unfortunately for European supporters There are no robbers in leather jackets carved to cause death and destruction. L ‘Apocalypse Nuclear, economic, and social failures. The radioactive desert and the end of civilization are not as realistic as the newspapers declare, and this time it is not thanks to a warrior of great strength and martial skills. No, not about that KenshiroThe imaginary anarchy of leaving Europe was only in the heads of state journalists.

Brexit effect: United Kingdom regains its destiny.

when, 6 years ago, The citizens of his majesty decided for a turning point Leave, ExitEuropean Union, compared to Redesigned, While living in the European Union, the petite and radical Chic world went insane. Every newspaper was full of predictions of death and destruction: “The economy will collapse“,“This will be the end of England“,“Forgive the father for not knowing what they did“The debate was born out of the leave victory.”Encourage well-educated or uneducated people to vote“; In short, social media and journalists tried in every possible way to belittle the profound success of Brexit. But they did not succeed. In fact, since 2016 the modern world has taken an unexpected turn.

Success of Trump, Ride Penn in the Marine, The Russia Of Putin That’s it Syria, With the lion Damascus Assad, They failed ISIS “Moderate extremists”. Since that 2016 Salvini e Meloni They started with a slow rise that led to their victory with Berlusconi in the 2018 election. In short, 2016 was a turning point for the world liberal regime, which for many years dominated national and international politics. Strongly desired Brexit Nigel Farage, Changed the pace for these four years of relative peace. Only God knows how Hillary Clinton would have changed if she had been in the Oval Office in the White House.

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The lies of radical chic journalists were exposed

Unfortunately for liberal journalists, as we said, there is no one kilometer queue at the toll booth Dover, l ‘Eurotunnel It does not interfere with people who want to escape. Unfortunately our Travaglio, Saviano, Gruber, Fazio and so on. There Great Britain Standing. People do not want to flee, on the contrary, they come to the UK in search of luck. There is nothing wrong with social media cafes against a country that has acted simple and orderly for this day. For the more than one million European citizens residing UK All rights are guaranteed following collection and approval EU Settlement Scheme.

The newspapers apologize out loudErasmus, Symbol of unityUnion, But the British are not. In fact, with the data on hand, over the years, there have been very few English students who have gone to study outside their island. After all, if you are a learner Cambridge O Oxford, Why do you have to go to the University of Bologna? what does it mean? No one. European students are to be thanked for taking advantage of this inverse possibility. With the Erasmus door closed, the United Kingdom is now planning a more developed exchange program, not only for the Union goons to Europe, United States ed Asia.

So what does the Brexit question teach us? This teaches us that leaving the EU is neither difficult nor impossible … This is the lesson the media wanted to avoid allowing us to find out.

Leaving the European Union is easier than ever. It should be. Believe it.

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