The UK faces a major challenge with the new Covid-19 pressure

The UK faces a major challenge with the new Covid-19 pressure

Britain’s health secretary says the country is facing a serious challenge to control the new strain of Kovid-19.

A series of drastic measures to try to ease the new pressure of the Covid-19 came into effect in some parts of the UK.

London and most of Wales have entered the new tier 4 set of restrictions in south-east England.

Moving in and out of these areas has been restricted and everyone has traveled abroad, but employment reasons are effectively prohibited.

Scotland has banned all travel to and from the country from other parts of the UK.

Matt Hancock has commented that the additional restrictions on England announced by Boris Johnson yesterday will have to continue “for the next two months”.

“It’s really important that people not only follow them (the new rules) but everyone in the Tier 4 area acts like you have a virus to prevent it from spreading to other people,” Sky News’ Sophie Ridge said at Sunday’s event.

“With this new variant you know, you can easily catch it from small amounts of virus.

“All our different measures, we need more of them to control the spread of the new variant than to control the spread of the old variant. That is the basic problem.

“We know that cases are on the rise in areas where Kent launched this new variant in November, while the November lockdown in other parts of the country has been very effective.

“Until we make the vaccine available to protect people, it’s a big challenge. We’ll face it in the next two months.”

However, a government spokesman said there was no change in travel advice to the UK.

Christmas has effectively been canceled for 18 million people in London, the South East and East England. The area has been under new lockdown for two weeks from today.

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He said people should raise a glass to those who are not there, and celebrating Christmas this year means that “next year they will have a better chance of getting there.”

The new Tier 4 law also requires the closure of shops, gyms, movie theaters, casinos and hairdressers that are not mandatory, and restricts people from meeting another person in a door-to-door public space.

People in Tier 4 have been told not to go outside the area, while outsiders have been advised against visiting.

In the rest of England, Christmas mitigation has been severely curtailed, with employees being allowed only one day – Christmas Day – more than the five days previously planned.

Scotland and Wales limit Christmas “bubbles” to one day, while people in Northern Ireland have been asked to consider creating a bubble just for Christmas Day.

Meanwhile, Leaders in Northern Ireland say Christmas bubbles should be as small as possible People should consider forming them only on December 25th.

They say Kovid-19’s “aggressive new pressure” reinforces the need for everyone to be vigilant and adhere to public health advice.

Scotland said the ban on travel to other parts of the UK would remain in place during the festival, while Wales reflects tier 4 restrictions in England, pushing for tougher measures to date.

A There was no 10 news conference yesterdayJohnson said he was taking action with a heavy heart, but scientific evidence indicated that the new variant was 70% more likely to replace the original variant, leaving him with no other option.

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“Evidence without action indicates that infections will increase, hospitals will overcrowd and thousands of lives will be lost,” he said.

“Yes, this year’s Christmas will be different and very different. We are giving up the chance to see our loved ones this Christmas, so we have the best chance of saving their lives so that we can see them at future Christmas times.”

The announcements rush to London train stations and tickets will not be available online from several London stations, including Paddington, King’s Cross and Euston, until 7pm yesterday.

Footage posted on social media showed a large crowd at St Pancras station waiting to board a train to Leeds.

The announcements came in the hope that many businesses, especially retailers, would end some pre-Christmas sales.

There was anger among some Conservative MPs after weeks of growing unrest over the return of more and more stringent restrictions.

Mark Harper, leader of the Covid Recovery Group of Tory MPs, has called for parliament to be recalled so MPs can discuss and vote on changes in England.

British Medical Association Council Chair Dr. Chand Nagpol welcomed the announcement. He said it would save lives and help health services cope with the incredible demand.

The move comes after scientists at the government’s new and emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group (Nertag) decided that the transition pressure identified by Public Health England Laboratories in Port Down was spreading rapidly.

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During a meeting with ministers on Friday evening, the Prime Minister was advised of the group’s conclusions and the new rules were signed by the Cabinet in a conference call yesterday.

The findings were reported to the UK World Health Organization.

The new variant, known as VUI 202012/01, is thought to have originated in London or Kent in September, said Patrick Valens, the government’s chief scientific adviser.

By November, the number of new infections in the region had risen to 28% and early December to 60%.

He added that this new variant is not only moving fast, it is also becoming a dominant variant.

However, scientists have “assumed” that there is no evidence that it causes a more serious disease than the original virus, while developing vaccines should be able to cope.

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