The UAE skies light up in October with astronomical events and evenings

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The Emirates Astronomy Society has revealed the most significant astronomical events to be seen in the Emirates this October, which can be distinguished or seen with the naked eye.

In its monthly bulletin, the association draws attention to the most prominent bright stars of the month’s evenings. Moon, distinct conjunctions.

Ibrahim al-Jarwan, the head of the association, explained that the most prominent of these star groups, seeing the Aquarius square group known to the Arabs or Pegasus (the winged horse) known to the Greeks, comprise two houses. The Moon and east of it is Aries, and closer to the eastern horizon is Taurus, as Jupiter soon shines from the constellation Cetus, while the Pleiades connect with the Moon on October 13. The most important of these events are the Orion’s meteor shower on October 21st and the partial solar eclipse on October 25th.

Al-Jarwan explained that most of the crimes seen in the evening are above the eastern horizon and descend to the western horizon in the middle of the sky at midnight and before dawn.


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