The U.S. Congress avoided the “closure.”

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With only a few hours left to do so, the US Congress was able to avoid a “shutdown”, a partial shutdown of the federal government. The Senate has approved a provision that will continue to fund federal government activities until December 3. Soon after, the chamber did the same.
The Senate (Democrats have a very small majority of one senator) voted 65 in favor and 35 against. Instead, the House approved with 254 votes in favor and 175 against.

The risk of a “shutdown” is not the only issue being debated in Congress, and a defined week has passed. Vox “The most messy legislative contest of recent times”.
In fact, in a matter of days, he will have to vote on a measure that will allow America to repay its debts, in the pain of a catastrophic collapse, and on President Joe Biden’s two most important legislative initiatives: a bill of infrastructure and a grand plan for economic and social reform.

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