The U.S. Border Guard uses horse bridles to drive out Haitian immigrants

Immigrants seeking asylum in the United States walk the Rio Grande near the International Bridge between Mexico and the US, waiting to be processed at the Ciudad Aquana in Mexico.  According to authorities, some immigrants are moving to Mexico to buy food and supplies

WASHINGTON – U.S. border patrol agents are on horseback trying to stop Haitian immigrants from crossing the border into Mexico, according to pictures and videos posted on social media by AFP photographer Paul Ratouje. Ratje said many Haitians had repeatedly tried to cross the river to feed their families and were stopped by guards.

‘Many people started running to escape from the guards.

Many commented on social media that the pictures were reminiscent of the days when police officers or jailers whipped African Americans.

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U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has said he will investigate allegations of mistreatment of immigrants. He told the media that horse-drawn agents were trying to control the flow of thousands of immigrants crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico to the city of Del Rio in Texas.

“We will look into the facts to examine the situation and thus understand,” Mayorkas told reporters. “If there is anything different, we will respond appropriately.

White House Press Secretary Jen Zaki confirmed the sightings.

“I do not have the whole context. I can not imagine it being appropriate in any situation. It’s terrible to see,” he admitted.

The controversy erupted when the U.S. Border Surveillance Service tried to control a large influx of immigrants trying to enter the country without documents.

About 14,000 people have arrived in Del Rio in the past two weeks, and last week about 10,000 of them were stranded under a bridge due to lack of shelter. Since Sunday, the Byton government has begun deporting a section of migrants detained on the plane to the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince.

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On Bridge: 10,000 undocumented immigrants in Texas stranded under U.S. bridge due to lack of shelter

On a trip to Del Rio, Secretary Mayorkas claimed that Haitian immigrants were receiving false information about how to settle in the United States. He said the government would increase the number of repatriated flights for Haitians, and that US authorities thought it would be safe to return them to their country, which was in the throes of a political, economic and health crisis after the assassination of President Joval Mois in July and the August earthquake. .

According to Majorca, Haitians were wrongly told that they would remain in the United States as so-called “temporary protection status” refugees because more than 2,000 people had been killed in the political turmoil and earthquake in Haiti.

“We are very concerned about receiving false information that Haitians embarking on this path of unregulated immigration are open to the border or that temporary protection status is available,” Mayorkas said. We reiterate that our borders are not open and that people should not make this dangerous journey. If you enter the United States illegally, you will be deported.

Guga Chakra: Biden will brutally deport 14,000 Haitians

Haitians living in the United States after the 2010 earthquake that killed 200,000 people have been granted temporary protection for years. Following the assassination of President Moyes, the status was extended to all Haitians in the United States on or before July 29.

“No one who came last week deserves the title,” Majorcus insisted, thinking it fair to bring these people back to their country. – We made an assessment based on the conditions in the country. Haiti can receive people safely.

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